We work with leadership teams to help you take your growth strategy from WHAT to HOW, by partnering with you on market planning, to deliver a customer-aligned strategy.

Business strategy is usually defined in terms of where your business will operate – sectors, geographies, activities, customer segments – and where profitable growth should come from, that’s to say, which of these segments or markets presents the best opportunities. It will probably also have robust operational principles about how you can improve the business, be more efficient, realise economies of scale, leverage technology to be faster and cheaper, and so on.

Our approach helps move strategy to successful execution, by working with you on how and why you will win.

We specialise in market planning. It’s the bridge between business strategy and successful implementation, because it ensures your strategy matches what consumers/ customers value and will pay for. It starts with identifying the critical insights that need to be true for your strategy to succeed. At the heart of any business idea is an assumption about the market need for that business. Make sure it’s explicitly articulated and understood, and validated, because it’s the bedrock of a winning strategy, and it shapes your purpose.

Make sure you’ve defined an overall purpose which reflects the needs you meet, the value you bring, and why the world needs your business to exist.

Your purpose doesn’t say what you do, but why. There will be other benefits from success, like shareholder value, employee satisfaction, marketplace leadership, a strong trusted brand – these are not the purpose, but natural outcomes. Focus on the purpose and these will come.

Good things flow from having these critical components sorted:

  • Creating compelling customer value propositions that everyone can get behind and that the company can deliver
  • Generating a shared understanding and common focus across functions
  • Enabling everyone to align their activities to achieve the higher purpose
  • Empowering people to make better faster decisions

Everyone across the business can get on with doing what they do best, confident that it is all aligned so that you create value for customers and profitable growth for your business.