“I think as a species we’re not designed to be able to think more than one year into the future – if that. Even trying to imagine one year from now makes most people feel like they’ve been given a huge boring chunk of homework that’s too hard to do.”

Douglas Coupland, American author Read More

Quotes | May 2014

What do Chelsea tractors and email overload tell us about forecasting?

Picture yourself in a trends workshop, innovation brainstorm or scenario planning day, one day in the not-too-distant past.  Your task is to help an automotive company see what sort of vehicles people in Europe will want in the future. Here’s what you’re being told. Fuel prices are rising. There’s a lot of talk about “peak oil” (whatever happened to that?). There are more and more cars on the roads, Read More

Thought leadership | April 2014

“Big data doesn’t replace big ideas.”

Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist Read More

Quotes | February 2014

It’s 10 years since the development of the net promoter score by Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain. It’s been widely adopted. Your bonus may be partly dependent on achieving an NPS target. Its promoters say simplicity – boiling everything down to one number – helps people across the business engage with customer satisfaction. Detractors argue that this simplicity obscures the causes of satisfaction and, more importantly, dissatisfaction. Whatever the chosen method, customer satisfaction scores are often one of the measures most tracked and quoted in large service businesses. Read More

Thought leadership | December 2013

“What I was given to study in school I have forgotten; what I decided to read on my own I still remember.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in Anti-fragile. Read More

Quotes | November 2013

“When you’re not concerned with succeeding, you can work with complete freedom.”

Larry David, creator of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm Read More

Quotes | October 2013

“It is in our idleness, in our dreams, that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top.”

Virginia Woolf

  Read More

Quotes | September 2013

This may be the only business book you read that covers Greek philosophy, ancient myths, modern parables featuring Fat Tony and Nero (characters from Taleb’s earlier books) and some personal stories, both from the author’s early life in Lebanon and from his more recent experience as a hate figure for classical economists. It’s a demanding and exhilarating read – skim-read half a page and you could jump two thousand years – but it deserves to be read properly. Read More

Books | July 2013

Have you, as a customer, ever had it patiently explained to you by a sales or service person that “it doesn’t work like that”? Don’t you just hate that! To paraphrase Steve Jobs, it’s not the customer’s job to know how it works. On the contrary, it’s the marketer’s job to know how the customer thinks and acts and wants it to be. All the same, it is possible to create customer behaviour that is efficient and smart for your business. Read More

Thought leadership | June 2013

“Without leaps of imagination, or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.”

Gloria Steinem, American journalist and political activist Read More

Quotes | January 2013